Torn pieces of paper are difficult to remove and may be easily overlooked, deterring the jam recovery. The size the printer uses for its system. A CompactFlash card is a microchip card that may contain option fonts, macros, forms, etc. Chapter 2 Paper Selection This chapter explains the types of paper that can be used with the printer. After cleaning the inside of the printer, press the GO key and the printer will be ready for printing.

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Screws 3 Pull the main circuit board all the way out of the printer.

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Also indicates when printing is automatically stopped due to occurrence of an error. The symbols and their meanings are as follows: Look at the error code given in place of and refer to the corresponding description given below.

The printer prints one copy and, at the same time, saves the print job on the Microdrive. The default setting is 30 seconds.

For example, to change the type of Courier, proceed as follows: When removing the sorter, unlock the attachment legs by releasing the levers as shown in the figure one by one, and then lift the sorter. For more details about the paper sizes that can be fed from the MP tray, see Chapter 2. Also, with Kyocera Image Refinement KIR technology, high quality printing can be achieved even at dpi and dpi.


Top tray FaceDn 6 Press the or key to display the desired destination. Neither party shall be bound by any statement or representation not contained fs-38820n this Agreement.

Note Look at the check line, the last line on a status page, to make the optimum KIR mode setting.

Ecoprint Extends the toner yield by reducing the amount of toner used on the page. For DHCP, a question mark? Black or white vertical streaks Check the operator panel. Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at FARsubdivision b 3 ii or subparagraph c 1 iias appropriate. General You may terminate your license at any time.

Processing appears and the printing of the list starts. Open duplexer rear cover and remove the paper jam. An envelope is a more complex object than a single sheet of paper.

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Entering the Width and Length Then, use the following procedure to set the paper size. Uneven sheet size, corners that are not square, ragged edges, welded uncut sheets, and crushed edges and corners can cause the printer to malfunction in various ways. The eight messages listed below are displayed during normal warm-up and printing. Set paper into the MP tray that matches the paper size and type shown on the display and press the GO key to restart printing.


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Insert the card into the card slot located near the handle on the right of the printer. Remove the two screws from the option interface slot cover.

See Paper Type on page Clean the charger wire. To re-read fonts into the printer from a CompactFlash card, proceed as follows. The maximum RAM disk size can be calculated as follows: The baud rate can be selected from,default, and Description fs3-820n the storage device. The paper should be loaded so that the natural curl is downward, to counteract the upward curl imparted by the printer.

The printer does not operate when this message is displayed. A-9 PF Paper Feeder You may be required to produce a status page when requesting service to the printer.